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30 days .. what’s the verdict??

31 Jan


Oh yeah, you heard it right. Though there is one more day left in the month of January I am proud to say that I have gone through this month with-out buying any SHOES, PURSE, WALLET, OR DIAMONDS. Yes, I am crazy. CRAZY. CRAZZZYYYYYYY!

I can’t believe I did it. I don’t know what to make of it. Am I cured?? I’ve had my bumps in the road like that trip inside Chanel when I had to pick up a repair job I had placed last year and I felt like I was walking through the pit of hell … Oh yes, How on earth can I go to Chanel in Robertson (and in my opinion, they always have the best selection of purses) and with all the sales associates being so nice to me, I had the courage to say NO!! I also went to Hermes to accompany a friend so she can get some twillys .. and though one can never have enough of those cute colored $300 silk ribbons to wrap our wonderful birkins with, I did not buy any of it. Numerous lunches at Neimans and Rodeo .. and I DID IT!!!

I am proud of my self, I miss shopping but I think I am tamed. I have regained control of my self.

A few things are on my wish list – and though I can buy them, I don’t know when the right time will be. A special occasion? What if i start and I can’t stop? Maybe that would be the real test ..

For now, I am fine. 30 day of no retail therapy. Totally unheard of. SHOCKING but REAL. I can’t believe it’s me! SIGH!

One day at a time but I did it. Guess what, you can do it too!


nutella banana

23 Jan

OMG!! I can’t believe it’s been 22 days since i last shopped. I don’t even feel an itch to do it anymore.

Hahahaha! Just kidding, I actually tried to buy a red chanel clucth today but things didnt work out. So I just thought of it as a sign of not breaking my shop-free streak.

I have been keeping my self busy with non-related work stuff to keep my mind off of my addiction and somehow, it’s working. I mean … yes the glass or 2 of champagne every other day is definitely helping but there’s other things I have been doing too. like what??? BAKING. Yes .. I tried baking one evening and actually succeeded! I couldnt believe it because up until this point 99% of everything I ever tried to bake always turns out as hard as a rock, burned completely, raw inside, or it will just crumble like sand. So baking is definitely not one of my favorite things to do.

Anyway, here are some pics of the 1st ever cupcakes from scratch I have ever made in my life. Nutella-Banana which are my hubby and kids favorite. I don’t know how they taste because I dont eat sweets .. but they absolutely love it!! Hooorraaayyy!

ready for the oven ..

so far, so good!

Yahooo, I did it!!!

finished product

So there you go, this took about 3 hours of my time and I really enjoyed it. I wish I can share the recipe with y’ all but I just found it online and I’m not so sure if I can just copy and paste other people’s recipe¬† so I can’t. But go ahead, just google the easiest recipe you can find and you can start baking.

my little fashionistas

19 Jan

I have the cutest daughters ever. My 8 year old got her 1st Chanel from her daddy dearest when she was only 6. He gave her a Chanel Quilted Black Cambon that she absolutely used with so much pride. She would walk into stores showing off her purse and although I wasn’t too happy that she started way too early, I was secretly proud of her good taste that she obviously got from me!

lunch at villa blanca

my other daughter, also loves purses. here is a picture of her when she was 1 year old.

1 yr old fashionista

Fast forward 2 years .. and my baby daughter who is now 3 1/2 years old asked me while we were in New York for a week. “Mommy, how come you have a chaLel purse and my sister has a chaLel purse and I don’t even have one?” And I tell her “It’s ok baby, when we get back home, I will buy you one.” And here I am thinking that I can get away with giving her any cute little purse I can find at the mall. Then we get back home and she sees me fixing our luggage and then she points out to her sister’s purse. “That’s it, that’s it mommy. That’s the chaLel purse I was talking about. It’s the black one with the letter and I don’t even have one.” Can you believe this? My 3 year old knew exactly what a Chanel was supposed to look like and there was no way of fooling her!! LOL!

So good thing, I found a vintage patent Chanel WOC (Wallet on Chain) that I had totally forgotten about. This was given to me by my grandma some time ago and I used it so well and had retired it already. So I gave it to her, and she was so happy! She told her daddy I gave her a chaLel (that is what she thinks it’a called) and she told me that that’s what she decided to give all her 3 and 4 year old friends for their birthdays this year so we must buy one for everyone. It’s also funny how she would hang it around her neck like an old woman wearing her bus pass and wear it in school. I have yet to take a picture of her with her chaLel purse but I just can’t believe she is such a fashionista already.

Just the other day, my 17 year old cousin came to my house and she had a quilted purse. So my little girl tells her “Oh auntie, I know what your purse is. It’s called a ChaLel. I have one and my mommy has one too, and now you have one too!”

Uh-oh, seems like I’ve got a looooonng way to go. I have to now set a good example to my little girls as well. Even my 10 year old son who is all about the Play Station Games, Skateboard, and hangin out with his buddies, can tell the difference from a Balenciaga to an Hermes in a blink of an eye. And it’s all because of mommy!

Brunch done right

17 Jan

Today was a gorgeous beautiful normal day in the middle of winter. 80 degrees, sunny, and perfect for brunching in Montecito California. It’s a good thing one of our dear friends invited me and my husband to go the San Ysidro Ranch (considered to be the top 4 hotels in the world by Leisure and Travel Magazine) where we dined in the hotel restaurant, Stonehouse.

The place was charming, picturesque, quiet, and the food was just delicious. I’m so used to all the celebrity chefs and how the commercialize everything that I forgot how good food can still be done so simple and yet so elegant.

Bellini, Water, and My Latte

My breakfast usually consists of a latte. But today is such a special day we got Bellinis. This Bellini was just the best I’ve ever tasted. It was sweet and it tastes nothing close to artificial. Yummy! And that’s why we ended up ordering about 20 of them among the 3 of us who were drinking this morning. My husband didnt drink, just in case – Designated Driver!

Home made Bread

I don’t eat bread, but reviews say they have the best blue-berry muffins.

Smoked Duck and Avocado Spring Roll

with Boursin Cheese and Asian Cabbage Slaw

Cajun Spiced Crab Cake

Served with Petite Herb Salad, Crispy Onions, and Citrus Vinaigrette

Couscous Crusted Salmon

Served with Warm Haricot Vert, Tomato and Spinach Saute, and Miso Honey Mustard Sauce. (I don’t usually like Salmon because it’s a bit “too fishy” for me, but this one was so fresh I loved it!)

Spinach Bacon Frittata

with Tomatoes, Scallions, Gruyere Cheese. Served with Potatoes.

Cheese Plate

and since I don’t eat dessert, an assortment of cheese always does the job.

Thanks to the yummy Bellinis that magically kept on coming to our table, this brunch went well over 4 hours.

Today, is the first day I didn’t really think of shopping … until I saw some amazing black gucci shoes from a re-run of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. I want those!!!

Happy Thoughts

15 Jan

My day has just gone from bad to worse. To brighten me up, I look at my “morning paper” and gathered some happy thoughts.

Amber Patent Double Sandles

Ambertina Bejeweled Sandal

Glittered Latticework Platform

Toutenkaboucle Buckle Sandal

Glitter Covered Leather Peeptoe Pump

Fabulous!! I instantly feel better.



15 Jan

Scarry!! I am so stressed and I have no idea how to deal with this.

I’m hoping that my shopaholic addiction is not turning me into an alcoholic. For the last 2 days now, I wake up wanting to put out my frustrations with alcohol. I can’t live with out coffee. As a matter of fact, I can’t function until I’ve had my freakin coffee every single morning. But lately, who cares about the coffee? Give me my mimosa or bellini and i’m ready for the day. I shall drink this while browsing the morning paper, also known as the shoe section of the online store of my favorite department store. HOW FUN!

It’s already the 15th of the month and still no purchase. My husband is starting to get worried. So worried that he literally told me “For goodness sake, buy something before you blow up. Please !! Get it over with already.”

I dont know if quitting cold turkey is doing me any good. Maybe I should think of some guidelines and rules of what and when it will be ok for me to buy something.

Hmmmm …

From CEO to Office Assistant

15 Jan

Paper work makes me so frustrated. I don’t mind doing it if I’m making money from it, but come January all i’m doing is finding pcs of about 10 different puzzles all thrown into a giant box. This is the time when I have to answer all the “where’s this, what’s this, what happened to this” and the “they won’t talk to anyone else but you”.¬† Auuughhhh! I feel like I am wasting so much time with fixing every single thing when I can be using all this time to make money. JOY!!!

It makes me so frustrated. I know it’s work that needs to be done and someone’s gotta do it but I sure don’t feel like it anymore!!

I feel like I stopped being the boss and now I have to do everything all by my self.

It’s definitely times like this that I need therapy. Retail Therapy.

I clearly remember …

Just last wednesday, I met with a friend for lunch. And usually meeting with a friend for lunch means it’s somewhere at Robertson, Rodeo, Neimans, or Saks. She suggested we meet at the basement of Neimans which meant I had to pass all the entire floor of lovely shoes and purses before I can even go down. Sigh …

I was really hungry before I went there so I didn’t have a problem going straight down to the restaurant. I also came right on time, and I hate being late so I didn’t have a minute to waste. I had a lovely lunch chit-chatting and I didnt even mind that I was dining right above temptation, then came coffee, then the bill, and then … there it goes. My friend said “Should we go to Chanel and look at the purses or the shoes first?”. Ooooohhh-la-la, How can I say no????

And I couldnt say no. So I said, we have to do shoes first definitely. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

And there it was. I was walking a mile away with all the traffic of the lovely ladies walking around. And then you see those bright red soles staring right at you. They seem to call your name and your heart skips a beat. And it almost seems like your falling inlove all over again. Sigh … This was definitely a “butter melting into warm toast” moment. I froze, I felt warm and tingly all over, and I wanted to stop, scream for sheer joy and excitement, and just say “you are mine forever!” hahahaha! I told you I am crazy when it comes to shopping …

Then right before I can stop and touch it, I told my self that it is better for me to “look but not to touch” before I regret it. I know that buying $1000 shoes is definitely not a part of my rehabilitation process. So it broke my heart, but I used my head instead of my emotions.

I came out of Neimans victorious! Empty handed, sad, but victorious.

Oh well … Christian Louboutin, I know I have so much of you but I still miss you. I love love love SHOES! I can’t get enough of you!