2010 Oh The Joys of Shopping

12 Jan

I am trying to make a mental list of the things I purchased in 2010…

2 Hermes Birkins

i love pink!

1 Hermes Jypsiere

rodeo drive

1 Hermes Matching Wallet

My lovely Rene Caovilla Shoes (yes those are the glitter and diamond dusted ones)

diamond dusted soles!

A Rolex Presidential w/ Diamonds

how can i say no?

A 3 Series BMW

the ulitimate driving machine

2 Chanel Flap Bags

chanel in the trunk!

2 Chanel Totes

3 Chanel Wallets


1 YSL Shoes

cant get enough ...

6 Christian Louboutins

1 Jimmy Choo Boots


shoes i got late 2009 to 2010

and some more Jewelry, Herve Legers, Betsey Johnsons, Louis Vuittons, Valentinos, Balenciagas, Chloes, and Guccis

So yes .. I guess it is Official. I am a certified Shopaholic.

I probably spent atleast around $100,000 not including the car. Call it crazy, but I am helping save our economy … one handbag at a time. Ohhhhhh sweet therapy!!

This is why the hubby was laughing when he saw this post online:



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