From CEO to Office Assistant

15 Jan

Paper work makes me so frustrated. I don’t mind doing it if I’m making money from it, but come January all i’m doing is finding pcs of about 10 different puzzles all thrown into a giant box. This is the time when I have to answer all the “where’s this, what’s this, what happened to this” and the “they won’t talk to anyone else but you”.  Auuughhhh! I feel like I am wasting so much time with fixing every single thing when I can be using all this time to make money. JOY!!!

It makes me so frustrated. I know it’s work that needs to be done and someone’s gotta do it but I sure don’t feel like it anymore!!

I feel like I stopped being the boss and now I have to do everything all by my self.

It’s definitely times like this that I need therapy. Retail Therapy.

I clearly remember …

Just last wednesday, I met with a friend for lunch. And usually meeting with a friend for lunch means it’s somewhere at Robertson, Rodeo, Neimans, or Saks. She suggested we meet at the basement of Neimans which meant I had to pass all the entire floor of lovely shoes and purses before I can even go down. Sigh …

I was really hungry before I went there so I didn’t have a problem going straight down to the restaurant. I also came right on time, and I hate being late so I didn’t have a minute to waste. I had a lovely lunch chit-chatting and I didnt even mind that I was dining right above temptation, then came coffee, then the bill, and then … there it goes. My friend said “Should we go to Chanel and look at the purses or the shoes first?”. Ooooohhh-la-la, How can I say no????

And I couldnt say no. So I said, we have to do shoes first definitely. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

And there it was. I was walking a mile away with all the traffic of the lovely ladies walking around. And then you see those bright red soles staring right at you. They seem to call your name and your heart skips a beat. And it almost seems like your falling inlove all over again. Sigh … This was definitely a “butter melting into warm toast” moment. I froze, I felt warm and tingly all over, and I wanted to stop, scream for sheer joy and excitement, and just say “you are mine forever!” hahahaha! I told you I am crazy when it comes to shopping …

Then right before I can stop and touch it, I told my self that it is better for me to “look but not to touch” before I regret it. I know that buying $1000 shoes is definitely not a part of my rehabilitation process. So it broke my heart, but I used my head instead of my emotions.

I came out of Neimans victorious! Empty handed, sad, but victorious.

Oh well … Christian Louboutin, I know I have so much of you but I still miss you. I love love love SHOES! I can’t get enough of you!


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