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missing my S

25 Feb

sia – breathe me (im not computer savvy but click on this on another tab and come back here so you can be in an S mood while you are reading my blog )

I don’t like working out. As a matter of fact, I don’t work out. I don’t go to the gym, run, do yoga, or any of those things that most people do to stay fit. I did hire a personal trainer to come to my house and work with me  for about a year and though she was the most fabulous person and trainer ever, it was just something that I wasn’t happy with.

What I did to stay fit was my sultry and sexy S FACTOR. And I am missing it big time. I woke up today thinking about a dim lit room – imagine a SPA with long shiny poles and glimmering candle lights (with no mirrors and no stinky gym like smell) full of half dressed gorgeous women in their thigh highs stretching like cats, doing our S walks, playing with the poles, and finally like the whip cream on an ice cream sundae .. dancing for each other. It’s simply the most phenomenal and powerful work out ever. Yes your gluts are screaming NO, and your thighs are aching OUCH, but who cares .. everyone is enjoying every moment of it.

It’s been 6 weeks or so since I have last taken this class and my body is just yearning .. needing .. wanting it. Like a fine car needing the 80K service to run smoothly, this is how my body feels when I don’t get to do my S. Unfortunately, complications in my life and a decision to take take the sobriety plunge from an alter ego that I no longer want to be a part of is top priority.

For now, I am closing my eyes quietly stretching in my bed and imagining I am in a room that is filled with my S FACTOR.


playing hooky

19 Feb

What a fun day! After months and months of nagging, I finally nagged my hubby enough to convince him to play hooky so we can go SNOWBOARDING. He pushed it day after day after day, because he didn’t really like it as much as I did but after much convincing, a little drama, and a little more convincing he finally told me he was taking me today.

So I was very very disappointed when I found out that it was going to rain because I was really looking forward to a day of riding. Come friday, I was so delighted that the sun decided to show up all morning until mid-afternoon.

Here are a few pics ..

inlove in the snow

upclose and personal

it's beautiful up here!

Yes .. I’m all “roxyd” up as one of my personal instructors told me when I first started to learn how to snowboard. I love the young, fresh, and care-free style. But being a mom, I always have to remind my self that I have a responsibility to stay alive and be cautious, and that is why I always wear a helmet.

There’s nothing like feeling the cold wind while riding down the fresh now freely. It frees my mind out of every stress and problem and it is just the perfect get away that I have been needing after these few months.

I completely forgot about how therapeutic this is. I only wish I can do it more. But I can’t always drive some 90 minutes away and take the whole day off just so I can get away.

So this was what my day was all about. Spending the whole day with my hubby doing something really fun. I have to say, this was probably one of the best dates I ever had.

Money to Burn

18 Feb


In this country, we really can’t stop spending. But how could you? I did .. I kinda did, and as the song goes “it’s killing me softly”. I read this article and it was all about America trying to be frugal because of the economy. Studies says it won’t last long and it actually didn’t because by mid last year retails sales has gone up. Let’s face it, whether you can afford it or not if someone will give you a little help (credit card or any type of loan) then why on earth won’t you allow your self to buy something you think you totally deserve? or worse .. you think will totally look FABULOUS on you! As one of the people in this article said “You stop spending, you stop living.” I totally agree, but she forgot to add the part that you also start drinking!

Frugality is so stressful and I don’t even know why I’m doing it. I work had enough to not owe much, other than mortgage and a few small things. If I earn more than I spend and don’t take a loan to buy the fancy things I want, don’t I deserve it??? Haaayyyyyy!! I am really holding on by a thread. Some days are still better than the other but I miss it. I really miss my shopping therapy. Dr Chanel and Dr Christian Louboutin, where art though???

almost 2 ..

17 Feb

It’s been almost 2 months. not quite, but i’m getting there. still no purchase for me … but I did buy something nice for my husband. I honestly didn’t know  if he would even like it, but I have this new found fascination for men’s watches. Panerai watches to be exact. You are probably asking what kind of a man would not want a watch? Well, that man would be my husband. He is a very simple man when it comes to jewelry and accessories because he doesn’t wear any at all. (Don’t worry what he lacks in that area he makes up in cars and gadgets.) He can’t even stand a simple wedding band on his finger what more a big heavy watch? He has actually attempted many times, but he actually takes them off after an hour at the most so I really didn’t know if getting him this for valentines would be the right thing to do. But what the heck, I needed to buy something elegant, classic, timeless, beautiful, and this was it.

The Officine Panerai PAM 111 Luminor Marina

A 44 mm, self winding watch that is purely a thing of beauty. I had to find pictures online because the pictures I took wouldn’t take justice to the beauty of this watch. But these pics .. these pics just showed exactly how they are in reality. My new fascination, my new found addiction, Panerai Watches for my husband. And it caught me by surprise that he loves it even more than I do. He has been wearing it every day and he is as fascinated with it as I am.

I love it!!!


15 Feb

So it’s been 12 years and I’ve been spending my valentine with the same person. Though things don’t change, it’s never been the same as well. What can I say? I love my husband so much. He really makes sure we celebrate every single occasion (no matter how small it is) and it really makes a difference in our relationship. He makes me fall in love with him over and over again. You wanna know why? Because HE PAYS ATTENTION TO ME! He never fails to tell me how h0t i look, how horny i make him feel, how pretty I am, and how much he loves me. He also remembers his manners and says thank you and tells me how much he appreciates me. And because of this, I know how important I am to him and how much he values me. So I really do love my husband in every small way and every big way.

Honey, this one is for you. My valentine. Thanks for making me feel like i’m always living a teenage dream!


always thirsty

9 Feb

I think my biggest problem in life is i always need something to give me that mind altering high. I need that instant pleasure, gratification, orgasmic experience that will make me feel so good. i know it’s only temporary but the hunt for it like a vampire thirsting for blood (yes i have read the twilight series .. LOL!) is always there. This is probably why I ended up being a crazy shopaholic. Lately, I did stop shopping for my self but the need to spend money never goes away. I still never run up of excuses to spend.

So when my little  princess decided she will have a last minute birthday party. I didn’t have a problem planning it and now I have to spend a few grand just to make it happen. And the thrill of it .. It just keeps me going! When my kids are invited to a birthday party, I enjoy looking for gifts and outfits for them. I did stop shopping for my self but I can’t stop spending. You are probably thinking, Oh No!! But I am definitely feeling, Oh My!!!!

So what does the title of this blog have to do with this?? Well .. as I have said, I always have a need for that instant mind altering gratification. And lately, I have been turning to alcohol. I am always craving for it. I wake up thinking of mimosas and bellinis and go to sleep thinking of martinis. This is bad. Very very bad. Although I fight it, there are days that I am winning .. but even if I physically over come it, my mind can’t stay off of it.

I read an article a few days ago about America being addicted to addiction. This is so true. It really is just one right after another. Now that I’m thinking of it, maybe I’m better of drowning my self in shopping bags!!

Oy Vey!!

Love is in the air!

8 Feb

It’s February and valentines is almost here. I can’t believe I’ve been spending valentines with the same person for the last 12 years, and it’s still so exciting! Being married and in-love to the same person is really an extraordinary gift and I am blessed to have it. This is one thing that money can’t ever buy for sure and I just feel so lucky that I have my husband to share the rest of the valentines in my life with.

Luckily, in my life it’s like valentines every single day. LOL! My husband and I share a passionate and loving relationship and we always make sure that we make time for each other amidst our very very busy lives.

So this is just a very short but sweet shout out to the month of love ..