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Pottery Class

31 Mar

I can’t believe it, but I actually went to a pottery class with my 8 yr old daughter today. My daughter loves art so we enrolled together in a 6 week session and I completely didn’t know what to expect.

When the class started, the instructor talked about some basic class rules for safety. It seemed he was describing me in detail with the addition of the words DO NOT in the beginning of each sentence. So the 1st three rules were, No open toed shoes (obviously, high heels are not allowed as well) so I can forget about the tributes or my other favorite CL patent differas. No hanging jewelry, and No loose long hair (which means everything must be pulled up in a pony tail). I walk in there with hanging jewelry, open toed high heels, hanging hair, and worse of all no pottery tools. I win worse student of the year award .. and I felt so bad that my 8 year old daughter was there with me. Yes she had the most prim and proper looking mom but I definitely was not ready for an art class today. BOOOHH!

The next part was a demonstration where the instructor started talking to us and showing us what we were supposed to do with the clay so we can make our 1st project. And for the love of me, I couldn’t understand anything he was talking about. I was pretending to listen and to be interested because I had to set a good example and I know how much my daughter was so into it, but I was really dreading it. I almost felt like I was falling asleep. OMG!!

So then, it was our turn to do it. My-oh-my What did I get my self into?? LOL!

So we’re supposed to be making a POT for our 1st project but mine, Well- it turned out to be a …


This is the finished product of my 1st attempt in pottery. Look at the one behind mine, ideally that’s how it’s supposed to look like. But of course, mine isn’t really a pot so it looks just like it should!


Digging Deeper

25 Mar

It’s one thing to have Depression, but having Death on your mind unwillingly is another. I have something which I call “Deathpression”. I obviously made up a word for something that will probably explain what happens to me constantly. Just like people with depression who have constant bouts of sadness coming and going in their life, I always feel like death is creeping on me. Like I’m floating on a cloud just waiting for it to happen. I am always asking my self, is it today? How will it happen? Is it while I drive to work? Will it happen during a big earthquake? This feeling is very scary. The uncertainty of knowing you will die any minute know and not knowing exactly when or how is always occupying my mind. I know it’s crazy. But this is the truth. I don’t know how to explain it, but I always feel like death is lurking around and always haunting me.

The good thing about this is, I always try to live my life like it’s the very last. I try to savor every moment with my children and I always tell them how much I love them and I try my best to talk to them about life long lessons that I want to instill on them. I talk about my culture and who I am and where I come from so I can leave a legacy with them. I spend time with my husband and I just enjoy every waking moment with him. I try to remind him of things that we did in the last 11 years and things I want to do with him. It’s very hard to live your life like this. I am not only walking on egg shells but I am also constantly on the verge of crying. Each and every time I kiss my kids, I wonder if it’s the last time I will ever see them.And each and every time I tell my husband how much I love him I wonder if it will be the last.

It’s not so much the fear of dying that I am afraid of. I have faith in a God who has promised me salvation. It is the fear of loosing my love ones. The fear of not being a part of my children’s lives, the fear of not being the other half of my  best friend, soul mate, and husband, not being there for my siblings and parents. It’s so sad. It’s the saddest thing anyone can ever face.

It has come and gone for the last year and a half in my life and the only time I have a little bit of freedom from this “deathpression” is when I finally say to my self “OK God, I am ready – take me just promise to take care of my children, my husband, and my family.” Then just like that it all goes away, until the next time it creeps back on me then everything starts all over again.

A different kind of latte

21 Mar

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. As for me, I can’t live without my latte. Every single morning as I drink my hot cup of java, I am like a battery being  charged until I turn into the energizer bunny. No matter what time it is, my day doesn’t officially start until I’ve had my caffeine fix. (Here goes another addiction – but this one is here to stay!). Starbucks drive-through is definitely a life saver and surely I am there every single morning .. well, other than days that I am early then I have the leisure of making my own at home. But take a look at this one. This is not your ordinary latte. It doesn’t even have espresso but it’s quite addicting and very very yummy!

not your ordinary cup o'joe

This is the Israeli version of a latte. It is actually called Nescafe on Milk – which is exactly what is is. Instant coffee, which isn’t even Nescafe but a very very fine medium roasted instant coffee made by a company called Elite (this coffee is similar to the new VIA packets they are selling in starbucks) on top of steamed milk. It is served unsweetened so you can put how ever much or little sugar you want and then you just mix it. It’s beautiful, surprisingly it tastes very delicate and you wouldn’t think it came from anything from a can. It actually tastes so much better than my starbucks latte which comes from an espresso machine .. though it is far from being excellent coffee, it is good enough!

I discovered this in this wonderful cafe called Aroma Bakery and Cafe on Sunset Boulevard where they serve all kinds of middle eastern pastries, beautiful cakes, pizzas, kabobs, salads, and pretty much what ever you can think of that isn’t american!

Sugar Free Cappuccino Mousse

Melawach - Layers of thin savory pancake served w/ tomato relish, hard boiled egg, and pickles

Appetizer Plate - Eggplant stuffed w/ goat cheese, Avocado Egg rolls, and Stuffed Portabello Mushroom served w/ diff sauces

Ziva - rolled filo dough stuffed with olives and cheese served w/ tomato relish, egg, and pickles

Souffle Sampler - white chocolate, milk chocolate, and halva (sesame paste- think peanut butter!)

Sugar Free Strawberry Cheesecake - which is still like a mousse.

Yummy!!! LOL – but I think my blog is slowly turning into a food blog. Well, I do love to dine out and it really does keep my mind of shopping. Speaking of which, I really don’t care much for it anymore. I mean today I started looking at Neiman’s online but they changed everything and made it so complicated I really didnt want to ever go back there anymore!!! Why make such a simple thing complicated? RIGHT???

Anyway, as I was saying. You know when your girl friends call you and they say we need to go out for coffee? You know something in their life is going on .. or it just means they need some long hours of girl bonding. And with that 1 cup, you warm your soul, your heart, and your friendship. It’s amazing what this drink can do!

My $300 Seat

20 Mar

My husband is a big Lakers Fan. We are lucky to have seats that are 12 rows above the floor but often times I wonder what on earth it is I’m doing there when I haven’t got a clue on what’s going on around me. Though we don’t watch all 42 games (40  + 2 pre-season) of the season, I have watched enough year after year and game after game for me to supposedly understand the game by now. But do I?? The answer is HEELLLLL NOOOOO! It’s like i’m sitting on these perfectly good seats that any avid lakers fan would die to have and I just sit there playing with my phone, taking pictures of unnecessary objects, checking out what kind of shoes khloe kardashian is wearing and who from the family is sitting with her, and staring at the back of jack nicholson’s balding head.


jack was out today

So these 4 kids are sharing his seat and the other 2 next to his!


Orange Pants?? That's the guy from THE HANGOVER!

Don’t get me wrong. I love going there and spending time with my husband. The energy and the crowd is always something to cheer you up. Especially if you are surrounded by drunk laker fans screaming profanity to the coaches and players of the opposing team. It’s really exciting. The laker girls are so – so but as you know, I am always mesmerized by anything sparkly so when they are wearing their purple sequin number then I am as good as hypnotized!

There’s also that yummy Nachos from Camachos .. too bad I stopped drinking alcohol because it would’ve been perfect with Frozen Margaritas.



What’s not to understand?? They have to shoot the ball in the basket and everyone cheers. We get coupons for free tacos (I hear everyone screaming “We want tacos” when the game is about to end) if the other team scores less than 100 points and we win. Right?

Oh well .. the lakers won! Everyone was happy but not until everyone got pissed and cursed the refs 1st. I still don’t know who is who other than Kobe but I had a wonderful time. I just wished I understood the game to appreciate the seats that me and my son share so I can enjoy the game like everyone else.


17 Mar

There are some days in my life, particularly today when all I feel like doing is staying home. But not just staying home to do nothing but staying home and pretending that I was a house-wife like I used to be.

I have 2 kids on spring break and 1 kid who ditched school (because her spring break doesn’t start til Pass-over) and as soon as I woke up, I decided to start cooking. I made lunch for my very picky eater son who weighs less than Nicole Richie, made dinner for the family and marinated food for tomorrow. And here I am right now, so late for work imagining the files and loads of paper worked all stacked up in my office. But where am I? In my pajamas with my 3 kids watching Toy Story for the 1 millionth time.

I have noticed that when ever I miss being a house-wife, the first thing I do is cook for my family. We have a house-keeper who makes breakfast and lunch for my kids and we usually just order or eat out for dinner. So I really never have a need to make food anymore. I remember how I used to have to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bake middle eastern savory pastries from scratch for my husband because that’s what he likes to eat on saturday mornings, but gone are those days. Now our life goes by like it’s constantly on a fast forward button.

God has blessed me with a very hardworking, loving, and responsible husband that I do not have to work. But after my youngest child entered school, I felt like I was done being PTA President, volunteering for everything in their school, and being your typical soccer / house-wife mom. So I decided to open up my own company and it all just took a life of it’s own. I love what I do but most days I am working 18 hours and even if I am physically next to my kids in 12 of those hours, I know that they know I am not really there. So they say, strike while the iron is hot. And I am really lucky that I have a chance to be able to work in this economy .. but sometimes, I miss my kids, I miss staying home with them, and I miss days like this.

So I am thankful for today, that I can stay home and just be lazy … until my 2:45 appointment. So I gotta cut this day dreaming short and get up so I can get ready.


Spring Therapy

15 Mar

Nothing beats 4 days of Spring in a Winter Wonderland. And I love the fact that I live in one of the states where it can be beach weather and all I have to do is drive up north and surround my self in fresh white powdery snow. Since my kids are having their spring break this week, we decided to ditch work last Friday and just spend the next 4 days in a cold place snow boarding, playing in the snow, hot-tubing, relaxing and most of all doing absolutely nothing that is work or tax related!

We spent 2 days just snowboarding in fresh natural powder that was not made by a snow machine (that’s the kind of snow we’re used to when we just want to ride in the closest park to LA) and it was absolutely thrilling!

snowboard anyone?

rose shocking pants! LOL!

The vacation almost went perfect until my 10-year old decided it’s time for him to behave like a teenager. And an angry one to say the least.  Gone are the days of wholesome family vacations and as much as we don’t want to admit it we need to  welcome the hostile, angry, rebellious environment of our son who thinks he is too cool for us. And mind you .. this is just stage 1 because we have 2 more teenage drama queens in the making. So me and my husband really need to hold on tight and brace our selves for what is to come.

I remember how angry, upset, and sorry to say “dumb” I thought my parents were. And I felt this way about them for about 3 or 4 years of my life but It didn’t really start until I was 15. After that stage, I couldn’t thank them enough for being there every step of the way and for every thing they have taught me. But 10 .. 10 years old?? OMG!!!

Anyway, so there .. we had a family vacation with an angry 10 year old screaming, answering back, refusing to eat, and participate in anything. But other than that, I can say we had a lovely time!

A french princess in a big city

13 Mar

So I decided to take my princess to watch the Broadway Musical “Beauty and The Beast” at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. My little Belle will sing and dance the whole day long so I thought bringing her here would be perfect.

Since, we were seeing the English version of what was originally a french fairytale I took her to a french brasserie for lunch to complete our special date.

her not so french meal!

mommy, i dont like those words!

Seeing a little 4 year old dressed up as Le Belle in the big streets of Hollywood was very fascinating. It made me wonder how she views this big world in her own little fairytale mind.

La Belle et la Bête


Spending the day with my 4 year made me realize that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. She saw so much beauty and joy in every single thing around her and she just enjoyed every moment that passed her by.