medium sized

2 Mar

Ok, here is a picture of me. This was taken by my husband in our kitchen counter. Call it what you want .. but it is me in the flesh. I have more pictures but this is the only one I can find where I can show my body with-out showing my face.

This is how I look after 3 kids at 33 years old. There are days when I don’t feel as good as this but never the less I can fit in a XS and size 0 without a problem .. (well a little bit of problem on the top i guess, LOL)

Anyway, yesterday as I was driving my 2 older children to the dentist and we were observing the people around us, my 10 year old said “I want to have a sexy girl friend when I grow up.” So I asked him, what does sexy mean? so he replied “You know someone who has a smaller body” So I asked ” What smaller body? Smaller than who?” So he said .. “Well, mom you’re better than before (referring to when I just gave birth) but you are not actually small you know, you are just MEDIUM SIZED.” I simply ignored him because I didn’t want to speak irrationally since I know how irritated I am with him at that moment.

” WTF????” “MEDIUM SIZED???” Good thing it wasnt my husband who I was speaking with or I would have ran him over with my car already.

But more importantly, why on earth does my 10 year old think that a woman who is size zero is medium? Kids don’t lie and I try not to make a big deal out of my weight infront of my kids especially my daughters so this is really alarming to me. And what size would my daughter have to be for her to think that she will be accepted in the society as “small enough”? I mean we always tell our kids that they are beautiful and remind them of their worth but peer pressure is still going to be there to remind them of things that they are not.

Oy vey!! Just when I thought things will get easier …


One Response to “medium sized”

  1. M.L March 2, 2011 at 8:03 am #

    This Medium size looks great to me !

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