New Shoes

8 Mar

YSL Tributes – what can I say? The shoe that any self respecting shopaholic must have!!!

Anyway, it’s about time to retire my beloved Red Tributes. I have worn these shoes for 2 years and I can say that may it be winter, spring, summer, or fall – it never fails to brighten my outfit. This is really one of my favorite shoes because it’s pretty, sexy, and as a secret … one of the most comfortable 100 mm shoes ever.  It also goes really well with my Rouge Garance 35″ Birkin. It is now scuffed and worn out so I have decided to finally replace them. LOL but I decided to take pictures of them as proof!

Perfect timing that Saks Fifth Avenue came out with an exclusive Fuchsia colored one that will go perfect with my 30″ Rose Shocking so I am absolutely thrilled!

Since, I can’t go to work looking all fabulous and have scrawny looking Tributes I ordered new ones. Yes I DID. And I didn’t feel all excited, foolish, or like “warm butter melting on hot toast” like I normally do when I used to buy stuff just for the heck of it. I felt like I was buying milk because we ran out. I really did. You know, I really felt like it was  kinda a necessity. That I needed new shoes because my other pair broke.

I know I know … I have another closet full of designer shoes. But I have only 1 pair of tributes and since they are worn out, it really is time to change it.

So. I’m cured. I think I am. I didn’t get excited. I didn’t feel foolish. I called in and didn’t even feel like I needed to go in the store to look at it.


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