A french princess in a big city

13 Mar

So I decided to take my princess to watch the Broadway Musical “Beauty and The Beast” at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. My little Belle will sing and dance the whole day long so I thought bringing her here would be perfect.

Since, we were seeing the English version of what was originally a french fairytale I took her to a french brasserie for lunch to complete our special date.

her not so french meal!

mommy, i dont like those words!

Seeing a little 4 year old dressed up as Le Belle in the big streets of Hollywood was very fascinating. It made me wonder how she views this big world in her own little fairytale mind.

La Belle et la Bête


Spending the day with my 4 year made me realize that life doesn’t have to be so complicated. She saw so much beauty and joy in every single thing around her and she just enjoyed every moment that passed her by.


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