My $300 Seat

20 Mar

My husband is a big Lakers Fan. We are lucky to have seats that are 12 rows above the floor but often times I wonder what on earth it is I’m doing there when I haven’t got a clue on what’s going on around me. Though we don’t watch all 42 games (40  + 2 pre-season) of the season, I have watched enough year after year and game after game for me to supposedly understand the game by now. But do I?? The answer is HEELLLLL NOOOOO! It’s like i’m sitting on these perfectly good seats that any avid lakers fan would die to have and I just sit there playing with my phone, taking pictures of unnecessary objects, checking out what kind of shoes khloe kardashian is wearing and who from the family is sitting with her, and staring at the back of jack nicholson’s balding head.


jack was out today

So these 4 kids are sharing his seat and the other 2 next to his!


Orange Pants?? That's the guy from THE HANGOVER!

Don’t get me wrong. I love going there and spending time with my husband. The energy and the crowd is always something to cheer you up. Especially if you are surrounded by drunk laker fans screaming profanity to the coaches and players of the opposing team. It’s really exciting. The laker girls are so – so but as you know, I am always mesmerized by anything sparkly so when they are wearing their purple sequin number then I am as good as hypnotized!

There’s also that yummy Nachos from Camachos .. too bad I stopped drinking alcohol because it would’ve been perfect with Frozen Margaritas.



What’s not to understand?? They have to shoot the ball in the basket and everyone cheers. We get coupons for free tacos (I hear everyone screaming “We want tacos” when the game is about to end) if the other team scores less than 100 points and we win. Right?

Oh well .. the lakers won! Everyone was happy but not until everyone got pissed and cursed the refs 1st. I still don’t know who is who other than Kobe but I had a wonderful time. I just wished I understood the game to appreciate the seats that me and my son share so I can enjoy the game like everyone else.


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