A different kind of latte

21 Mar

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. As for me, I can’t live without my latte. Every single morning as I drink my hot cup of java, I am like a battery being  charged until I turn into the energizer bunny. No matter what time it is, my day doesn’t officially start until I’ve had my caffeine fix. (Here goes another addiction – but this one is here to stay!). Starbucks drive-through is definitely a life saver and surely I am there every single morning .. well, other than days that I am early then I have the leisure of making my own at home. But take a look at this one. This is not your ordinary latte. It doesn’t even have espresso but it’s quite addicting and very very yummy!

not your ordinary cup o'joe

This is the Israeli version of a latte. It is actually called Nescafe on Milk – which is exactly what is is. Instant coffee, which isn’t even Nescafe but a very very fine medium roasted instant coffee made by a company called Elite (this coffee is similar to the new VIA packets they are selling in starbucks) on top of steamed milk. It is served unsweetened so you can put how ever much or little sugar you want and then you just mix it. It’s beautiful, surprisingly it tastes very delicate and you wouldn’t think it came from anything from a can. It actually tastes so much better than my starbucks latte which comes from an espresso machine .. though it is far from being excellent coffee, it is good enough!

I discovered this in this wonderful cafe called Aroma Bakery and Cafe on Sunset Boulevard where they serve all kinds of middle eastern pastries, beautiful cakes, pizzas, kabobs, salads, and pretty much what ever you can think of that isn’t american!

Sugar Free Cappuccino Mousse

Melawach - Layers of thin savory pancake served w/ tomato relish, hard boiled egg, and pickles

Appetizer Plate - Eggplant stuffed w/ goat cheese, Avocado Egg rolls, and Stuffed Portabello Mushroom served w/ diff sauces

Ziva - rolled filo dough stuffed with olives and cheese served w/ tomato relish, egg, and pickles

Souffle Sampler - white chocolate, milk chocolate, and halva (sesame paste- think peanut butter!)

Sugar Free Strawberry Cheesecake - which is still like a mousse.

Yummy!!! LOL – but I think my blog is slowly turning into a food blog. Well, I do love to dine out and it really does keep my mind of shopping. Speaking of which, I really don’t care much for it anymore. I mean today I started looking at Neiman’s online but they changed everything and made it so complicated I really didnt want to ever go back there anymore!!! Why make such a simple thing complicated? RIGHT???

Anyway, as I was saying. You know when your girl friends call you and they say we need to go out for coffee? You know something in their life is going on .. or it just means they need some long hours of girl bonding. And with that 1 cup, you warm your soul, your heart, and your friendship. It’s amazing what this drink can do!


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