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Shopaholic gone wild

6 Apr


So I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Realized that after 10 years, I still have to get up and stand next to my kiddos for them to get up, get dressed, and get ready for school. Otherwise, they couldn’t care less. I went back to bed and got irritated because my 8 year old decided to do some drama that just caught my husband’s attention. So I got out of bed again, got ready for work, and …

I decided to ditch work altogether and just drive straight to Rodeo Drive. OH YES I DID!!! I needed some therapy and I knew exactly how and where to get it.

I checked in at 11 am and was out of there by 1:30 pm. And the verdict???

There's no therapy like shopping!

I went in and out like I was mad and deprived. As I have said, Don’t ever under estimate the power of a woman who can shop .. especially one who is upset. LOL!

I felt thrilled, happy, excited, and everything else. But there was something else I felt that wasn’t there before. GUILT. I felt guilty that I was buying things. Beautiful, expensive, good smelling, shiny, things. Ones that I was once passionately obsessed with.

I came home with half a trunk of loot and a mind full of guilt. I told my husband I was going to return everything because I didn’t feel right about it but somehow he convinced me to just keep them since I really did need most of it .. well I don’t really need them but he said I have been so good from January and only purchased a pair of shoes and they don’t even count because I needed them. So these are my well earned goodies for being good!

Am I convinced yet??? Hmmmm ….



3 Apr

So … the only thing I’m going to say is, I didn’t go all wild. No trunks filled with loot and no crazy non-stop shopping spree.

But I decided I am getting the Franck Muller Cintree Curvex.

Love love love!!! I have to wait 3 weeks though, and I will post pics as soon as I get it. I am having diamonds added in the dial of the watch so I need to be patient.

Hooorraaay! I instantly feel younger, I wonder why?

death of a shopaholic

1 Apr

So I totally stopped living life and I have no desire to shop, drink, party, or do anything fun. I feel like I have taken over my life on a whole new level and in lieu of this fun fun person that I loved and everyone else loved is a deeply disturbed and depressed person who constantly think she is going to die.

Did I do the right thing? My husband told me that there is no more joy in my eyes and that I completely stopped living my life the way that I used to. He said that I look like I don’t enjoy anything the way that I used to. He no longer see my eyes brighten up and my face light up when I get excited. I am living my life in straight path and yes I am contented, I feel like I am doing all the right things, but in a way I feel OLD.

In a few days I will turn 34. The funny thing is for the last 8 years, I have been telling people that I am 25 years old. I felt young and looked young so I absolutely had no problem getting away with it. But ever since January, when I decided to start this blog and clean up and stop shopping I felt like I have aged. Now for the 1st time in my life I can say that I do feel like I am 33 – turning 34 years old.

I think staying away from something that I love so much has taken a toll on me. I have over come it, but in return I really really feel like someone has stolen the simple joys that temporarily picks me up when life becomes too stressful for me.

Yes, it is materialistic and I do see love, joy, and contentment from God, my children, and my family. But shopping is another form of endorphin for me. Call it an expensive red bull if you will. It gives me wings!

Because of this, I have decided that I will shop. Not like I used to but I will not take away the fountain of youth that I secretly found. It keeps me young, it keeps me going, it makes me smile, it brightens up my day.

Even my husband was telling me the same thing. And if it comes to a point when your husband is begging you to take the day off and go to rodeo drive or asking for the contact number of your sales associate from Hermes, then you know that you have hit rock bottom.