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rock and roll chick

29 May

ok .. so i guess this blog has completely gone a 180 degree turn.

When I am sad and depressed i have no desire to shop or do anything that used to give me joy but when I am happy I feel like I am joyful enough to make the most out of the moment then I just go out shopping.

Anyway, I always wanted the Hermes Collier De Chien (CDC) Bracelet. I have a few friends who use it and I absolutely love it on them. I’m not so sure how it will look on me though because it’s too big, chunky, and clunky! The leather also makes me feel like it’s a bit gothic or too rock n rollish for me. Never the less, I decided to pass by my favorite orange colored store and try one again yesterday.

Luckily, the one they had on stock was the rare alligator patent and it was just gorgeous!! I tried it, loved it, and just couldn’t part ways with it. I also think it looks ok if I wear it with tons of pink and put a big diamond bracelet next to it. It makes it me .. edgy, funky, and more like a chic rock and roll chick!

i love hermes


gone fishing …

28 May

7 weeks …

and in this 49 days or so i have gone in a wild emotional roller coaster. yes, it started with a shopping spree – as per my last blog.

a few days after i celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary with my one and only true love with a lovely dinner at the fabulous PROVIDENCE where we enjoyed a 9 course tasting menu that was beyond words (in a very very good way) and beyond what my stomach could eat (i ate more that what i usually ate in a month)

Providence LA

a week after i turned 34. though i am still 26 in facebook and could probably still get away with it, i can no longer deny my self of the fact that i am starting to feel like i am 34. i got so so depressed i didnt celebrate for the 1st time in my life. getting old really hit the spot … no party in a club, no tables reserved somewhere in sunset blvd, no dinner in a fancy restaurant, i didnt even want a cake. nothing nothing nothing …


and then, i hosted a lovely easter brunch at my home and went all out. i made chocolate cake pops, cheese cake pops watermelon balls, made crostinis, and hired a chef for an omelet station and had some 500++ eggs for the kids. i also ordered my favorite strawberry infused champagne, fresita and i don’t really know how i could’ve manage to stay away from that so i started drinking again …

easter brunch

my husband celebrated his birthday a few weeks after which meant more drinks, more shopping, more parties ..

then there was mother’s day. and boy did mr hubby go all out and surprise me! he begged me to tell him what i wanted for our anniversary and my birthday and to his disappointment my answer was nothing short of a NADA so he just took care of business and got me this …

Everose Chronograph

so in the end, this emotional roller coaster ride of all my sadness, joy, fear, anxiety, anger, love, and everything else in between was taking a toll on him so mr. hubby decided to put a smile back on my face by giving me something worth smiling for (other than him and the kids of course!)