what now?

1 Jun

So I’ve gone from cold turkey, to moderation, to a full blown shopaholic in just 6 months.

And now … june 2 the day that every self respecting shopaholic knows all the gorgeous shoes and everything else goes on SALE on that little street called wilshire blvd where those boring stores called neiman marcus and saks fifth avenue are quietly situated.

what to do, what to do, when you get emails from the sales reps asking you to come in for a pre-sale.

OMG! I did go over-board and shopped the last 2 months but I had every bit of reason to do it (anniversary, birthday, mother’s day). Now that I no longer have a valid reason to shop .. and I am salivating over the beautiful shoes and bags that will go on sale on thursday (i already browsed on line and know which ones i want) I am so lost.

I want everything .. I already have about 4 pairs of shoes, 2 bags, and 1 wallet and that’s only from 1 store. I also didnt even bother to look at clothes yet. This is purely my wish list though.

No real purchase yet. I am slowwwlllyyyy getting torn. Don’t know which direction I should go.

Auuugghhhh! I want shoes!! Not 1, Not 2, but all of them!


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