total wreck

23 Jun

There’s another side of me, that you probably don’t know. I am a car enthusiast. I love my Beemer and I put a lot of effort and some money in modifying it so I can make it perfectly ME. I also had a lot of fun in driving that little mean ultimate driving machine.

BMW 328 w/ pink bling!

carbon fiber roundels

springs, 19" nrfts, custom pink calipers

clear lights

rear lip spoiler

But if you have read my blog from June 20, then you probably already know that I got involved in an accident and my car is now a total wreck. I don’t even know where to begin. Everyone is asking me how it happened, how I feel, and all I can answer is I don’t really know.

All I can remember is this …

I was driving north bound in one of the major streets in downtown Los Angeles, Monday / Tuesday midnight. Traffic was a bit heavy as expected because of Kid Cuddi at Nokia Theater and Britney Spears at Staples Center.

So I was going with the flow of traffic as everyone drove and stopped. And the light was green so all the cars were moving (bumper to bumper) and so I drove as well. As I was crossing a major intersection I didn’t notice that the car in front of me stopped. And the only thing I remembered was seeing a car way too close and the next thing I knew .. there was smoke inside my car, 3 of my airbags deployed, and as I looked outside my window I saw about a million cars stopped but all ready and positioned to go as if it were a race and all the drivers were waiting for 3 words “Ready, Set, Go”.  I went from a state of panic to a complete shock.

People were screaming at me “are you ok?” and i see blood in my arms, I can’t respond. I look around for my phone, and I can’t find it. My car has shut down as it should .. Strangers rushed to me and they all tried to help me. I hear one person say to me “I moved your front bumper and license plate to the side of the road” and another one tell me that someone else is calling 911. Someone else is trying to talk to me, telling me to drive my car to the side of the road and all I can say is “No, No, I can’t drive .. I don’t want to drive. I need a phone .. I need to call my husband.” Strangers pushed my car because I was as good as paralyzed.

I called my husband from someone else’s phone and the only thing I could say is “I got into an accident and I’m not ok” I put the phone down and just stared blankly as I waited for the paramedics and the police to come.

I couldn’t believe what was happening around me. And at this point, the only thing I needed was my husband to hold my hand and to hug me. I hear my phone buzzing but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked around my car and I see airbags around me .. and I see people walking around taking pictures and 2 other cars damaged from the accident that I have caused.

I am alive. Alive but disoriented, in dis-belief, and just lost. Lost in a crowd of paramedics, fire fighters, police men, and spectators. I couldn’t leave my car but the fire men told me I should because one of my side airbags never deployed and I might get hurt in the event that it does. They were asking me a million questions too about meds I take, where I was, what my name is, the date today .. and I couldn’t answer any of it. I just wanted to see my husband and go home to my family. I finally got out of my car and walked to the side walk. As soon as I did, I felt all dizzy and apparently collapsed.

I was taken to the ambulance and I was there when my husband came. I cried when I saw him.

I was moved to another ambulance and we were told that I had to go a trauma hospital and the paramedics took me. I stayed there for 4 hours as they ran tests on me. They found nothing but what was already seen from the start.

These and my sore face and swollen lips due to the impact of the air-bags exploding.

The doctors finally gave me a clearance to leave … to leave the hospital and live my life.

Every night we pray with our kids and think that it doesn’t even matter that we say things over and over again. But God hears every word of it. When my 4 year old asks God to “Please take care of my mommy and make sure she is safe” God made sure that I really was.

As I stay home and lay in my bed to rest for the last 2 days. All I can think of is how God is so good that he gave me another chance to be with my family.

Yes, the bruises are minimal .. It will heal. My car is all wrecked but it can be replaced, but as I remember that one poignant moment in my life when I looked at my front and all I saw was airbags and a broken car, and I looked to my left and all I saw were cars waiting to go .. I think to my self, Thank God I’m alive. Thank God that you took care of me and you really had your angels watching over me. Xoxox!





One Response to “total wreck”

  1. Avi/Furby June 23, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    Glad you are doing ok!

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