baby doll

26 Jul



Don’t you just love how pretty these Baby Doll Dresses are?? Going to a Betsey Johnson Store is like going to a candy store. The only difference is .. there are no calories to burn after the guilt of consuming it. I have quite a few baby dolls I’ve never even worn but every time I walk into the store, I am just drawn on how lovely and decadent every pc of dress there looks. It doesn’t help that a lot of them are in pink, black, and white which are the 3 primary colors of my wardrobe. So I can’t say noooooo …

So in this last month alone, I bought these 3 new babies. One actually arrived in the mail first thing today which made my mood immediately happy. The only problem with these dresses are they are too pretty to wear anywhere. I wore one to a bar mitzvah, one to a photo shoot, and the rest just stays in my closet. I could never find the right occasion for them. My husband actually thinks I should start wearing them to work but people might not take me seriously and look at me like a “Paris Hilton” so I am opposed to his idea. But then, what will I do with all of them?

They are gorgeous and I do look like a barbie doll when I wear them. My daughter thinks I look like a princess and even my nanny tells me how beautiful they are but the only time I get to wear these clothes are in the morning when I play dress up.

I am now seriously considering my husband’s suggestion of wearing them on a day-to-day basis … but what do you think? How would people react to someone soooo over-dressed during lunch or in a work environment?

Hmmmmmm …..




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