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shopaholic moms at work

17 Aug

chanel, hermes, and louis vuitton

This pic needs a warning sign “DO NOT DISTURB! Working moms are answering emails / phone calls while refereeing / watching kids on vacation.”

Going to the beach is like a one stop shop. The kids have fun digging holes, they build sand castles, they boogie board, look for sand crabs, catch the waves, and a million more things while the parents can sit back, relax, and not do anything. But you know what’s so much better than just going to a regular beach?? It’s this one …

the name says it all

you see that guy with the cart full of chairs?

all you have to do is pick a spot and he sets it all up for you

No need to carry big rolls of towels, heavy chairs, and giant umbrellas. How more stressful can it get when all you have to do is pick a spot? Just make sure you arrive early enough so you get an unobstructed view of the kids … so you can really be lazy and you don’t have to get up at all!

kids at play

And come dinner time …

bonfire, smores, and stories for the kids

Just drop your kids off in one of these circles so you can enjoy a quiet dinner. What more can you ask for from a day at the beach? The kids have fun and the adults get a day of rest.



stressed out

16 Aug

This last week has certainly been more stressful than usual. For one I was told by my lawyer that I had to fly out-of-state to appear in court on Monday which was supposed to be the 1st day of school for my kids and second .. uhhmmm that was just it, IT WAS THE 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL. I didn’t even realize that the summer was almost over and I wasn’t prepared at all. No grand finale vacation, no hair cuts, no last minute doctor / dentist appointments, and no back-t0-sch0ool shopping was done as of this time. My kids aren’t ready to go back to school and I was too busy and too stressed with everything with every thing that is going on around me that I didn’t have time to do anything.

I just couldn’t  believe the months flew by so fast and it was about to end with a big bang right before my very eyes. An explosion of problems that somehow managed to have met together all at one time. I was too stressed to deal with anything. I didn’t want to go to court and the first day of school was going to come no matter what happens. So what do I do?? I pack my bags early one friday morning and drove away with the family.

some 60 miles away and it's paradise !

our home away from home for the next 3 days

lovely !!!

St. Regis Monarch Beach – this is what I call a HOTEL. Breath taking views and impeccable service where the staff remembers your name and turn down service still exist. It’s finally time to relax and put all my worries behind. At this point, I have prayed enough that I can leave it all up to God.  I will just enjoy this next few days and savor every moment with family and some close friends.

sad celebration

2 Aug

I am a person who loves to celebrate. I always find a reason to plan something small or big for any occasion. I will always buy cake, get balloons, flowers, hire a band, get a DJ, face painters, air-brush tattoo artist, hire all the princesses you can ever think of to show up all together in one party, name-it-and-i’ve-done-it, or cook dinner / make a reservation some place at the very least  just to show someone how dear and special they are on a certain day that they need to be honored. And I can go on and on on the 100 thousand reasons on why we need to celebrate too! I always want to celebrate every single reason of joy for everybody I love!

So every August 1st, year after year my family and I celebrate the birthday of my dear sister in law Sharon. We have been doing this for the last 8 years or so. We’ve never done it in a big way though (other than her 30th birthday) we usually have dinner at home or go out to eat some where she likes, or somewhere I like because I’m very bossy that way! But in all these years, there is always one thing that never changes. It’s her cake. Her favorite cake is just a plain cake with fruit filling. She prefers the one from china town but I have no idea where to buy it so I always get it from this bakery called Paradise. So this is her cake this year …

Happy 33rd Birthday Sharon

So why am I calling this post a sad celebration? Because Sharon passed away unexpectedly last Thanksgiving. And I can’t get over her death. And I miss her so much. So much that today, I bought this beautiful cake that couldn’t be more perfect for her and then I took my family out for dinner so we can celebrate her birthday just like we do every single year. The only difference is, she’s not with us. Her family couldn’t be with us either because they have moved to New York shortly after her death so they can be close to where her body was laid to rest.

I am devastated. It’s the first August 1st that we are not all together singing Happy Birthday to her. Though, I tried to make sure we did something special to remember what should have been the 33rd birthday of someone so dear to us. It’s still a very sad day.

Happy Birthday Sharon. My dear sister, you don’t even know how much loosing you has devastated me. I miss you so much. I think about you all the time. I still can not get over the fact that you are no longer here. Heaven is truly blessed to have an angel like you! I love you …