shopaholic moms at work

17 Aug

chanel, hermes, and louis vuitton

This pic needs a warning sign “DO NOT DISTURB! Working moms are answering emails / phone calls while refereeing / watching kids on vacation.”

Going to the beach is like a one stop shop. The kids have fun digging holes, they build sand castles, they boogie board, look for sand crabs, catch the waves, and a million more things while the parents can sit back, relax, and not do anything. But you know what’s so much better than just going to a regular beach?? It’s this one …

the name says it all

you see that guy with the cart full of chairs?

all you have to do is pick a spot and he sets it all up for you

No need to carry big rolls of towels, heavy chairs, and giant umbrellas. How more stressful can it get when all you have to do is pick a spot? Just make sure you arrive early enough so you get an unobstructed view of the kids … so you can really be lazy and you don’t have to get up at all!

kids at play

And come dinner time …

bonfire, smores, and stories for the kids

Just drop your kids off in one of these circles so you can enjoy a quiet dinner. What more can you ask for from a day at the beach? The kids have fun and the adults get a day of rest.



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