As I write this, this January of 2011 – I am currently a 33 year old mommy of 3,  blissfully in-love with my husband for almost 11 years, and working passionately as my own boss.

Thank goodness I dont look 33, stressed from having my own business, and like a mom of 3! I do look like I am forever blissfully and happily in-love which is always good!

As you read my blog, you will know more about me. It may come to you as showing off – but you will eventually know that it’s not at all about that. This blog has a purpose  and hopefully as you begin to come back for more, it will be revealed!


One Response to “Me”

  1. GiaGiaJa January 15, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    Thank goodness! We have the same addiction!

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