june 20

22 Jun

June 20 started as what seems to be a hectic day for others, but a very normal day for me

✔   9:30 am – appointment with the CPA

✔   10:00 am – arguing with my brother half-way-around the country during a very important  appointment

✔   12:15 pm – a much needed appointment with my therapist

✔   2:30 pm – waxing appointment

✔   3:00 pm – a quick trip to the bank

✔   3:15 pm – bring the kids to the mall

✔   5:00 pm – get ready for Britney’s Concert

✔  7:00 pm – Britney’s Femme Fatale Tour with my BFF at Staples Center

it's Britney Bitch!

Femme Fatale

So, everything above is exactly how I planned my day. With-out a moment left to pause and think or just a second to breath. But every day for me is just like this .. I plan it like I am on a constant fast forward button. This day was different though, For one I get to spend the evening with one of my BFFs “the bitch” in the pic and I know for sure we are going to have fun doing something we’ve been doing for about 8 years now .. watch Britney Spears live at the Staples Center (to this day, we haven’t missed any of her concerts). And I also didnt expect this part

12:00 am get involve in an accident and total wreck my 328 BMW

2:00 am be in an ambulance courtesy of the LAPD

2:05 am be inside the ER of on of California’s Finest Trauma Hospital with about 15 people screaming and moving so fast around me

5:00 am walk out alive with my husband holding my hand because God is good and he loves me. He sent not only one but a million of his angels to protect me and make sure i’m ok. I love you God and Thank you Jesus!!!

6:00 am lay in my bed and wrap my arms around my beautiful children and have my husband sleep next to me.

I love you, my one true love!


bracing for vegas

15 Jun

I go to Las Vegas about 4-5 times a year. But there are 2 trips out of these that I consider my “Shopping Trips” and it is when I go sometime during Christmas and Memorial Day. My husband knows this and right before we go, he already tells me not to worry because he is ready and well “equipped” for my therapy. This is how the trip usually goes ..

from valet to the hotel room

oops ...

So when I went to Vegas for 4 days and all I came home with only this …

that's it??

Mr. hubby got worried .. really really worried. I didn’t feel like shopping. I was tired, depressed, and busy with the kids. Well, it’s not like the last 100 trips were any different because I was tired and busy with the kids anyway – but I used to use the shopping as a stress reliever and I wasn’t depressed at all.

Mr. hubby told me to shop. He said he wasn’t used to me going home from Vegas empty handed. I wasn’t used to it either. But this trip was different because I really didn’t feel like shopping at all.

But after I came home to LA, something happened. And just like magic I am “kinda” back. I am a lot happier now, and making up for the Vegas trip. And here is a pic to prove it …

i've been busy

It’s been a week since I’ve been happy and this is what I ended up with. Guilt free shopping. YSL Black Patent Tributes w/ Stingray Heels, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Chanel Wallet, Chanel Summer Flap, and these lovely pink studded shoes.

So I ask Mr. Hubby, do you prefer for me to be sad and not shop or happy and not stop shopping? Of course, he answers the latter since he can’t resist me. So I guess it’s time to say that I am officially back to being me.

his, hers, and my love for watches

12 Jun

Panerai Ferrari Granturismo Chronograph


Hermes 35 Birkin

rouge garrance birkin and ferrari panerai

FER 0004 (Hermes Black Cat in the back)


PS – it’s also my 1st attempt in photographing a watch. Not bad eh?

6 months of sadness

3 Jun

i will never forgot how my phone rang in the middle of the night, some 6 months ago. it was my brother letting me know that my 32 year old sister-in-law who was really more like a sister to me has passed away from a brain aneurism.

you see, my family lives in the east coast. i live here in the west coast with my family, my brother, sister-in-law, and my 9 yr old nephew. we all had this plan of flying to new york for thanksgiving and staying there for a week so we can all be together for the holidays. but little did we know that that holiday will be the most unforgettable, saddest, time of our lives.

it was going to be 8 days of crying, weeks of tears, months of sadness.

and it’s been 6 months and i’m still not used to living life with you sharon. i miss you and i love you. i think about you .. no longer everyday, but i am still devastated. we all are.

life is short .. yours was shorter, sweeter, but every moment spent with you is a moment to treasure.i never even had the chance to say goodbye …

xoxox, sis.


some things should never go on sale

3 Jun

i can never resist a good sale. i won’t buy ugly things just because it’s a good deal so i can hoard it, but i wouldn’t mind storing pretty things like betsey johnson baby doll dresses,  designer shoes, and other things that i know i would eventually use.

but there are things that should never ever go on sale. i don’t have much louis vuitton because i don’t fancy it but i do appreciate the fact that it never ever ever goes on sale. all chanel classic purses, all the classic christian louboutin shoes (prive, pigalle, etc), all the classic hermes purses … i don’t mind paying the high price for any of them because not only do they keep their value the prices actually go up some 30% every now and then.

anyway, i’m saying this because today .. as i browsed my morning paper (aka the neiman marcus shoe sale) i stumbled upon this.

WHAAATTTTTT?? i pay some $3300 for a beautiful pair shoes better than cinderella’s glass slippers, and it goes on SALE?

where i’m from, classic, beautiful, timeless pcs never goes on sale. and i was so disappointed. i purchased this knowing that i loved it anyway, but i just didnt know that unlike most of the stuff i have that actually keep it’s value – this one doesnt. that it doesnt matter to mr caovilla if i buy his $3000 shoes or $700 slippers because a few months from now, they will be worth much less than what i paid for. BOOOH!




what now?

1 Jun

So I’ve gone from cold turkey, to moderation, to a full blown shopaholic in just 6 months.

And now … june 2 the day that every self respecting shopaholic knows all the gorgeous shoes and everything else goes on SALE on that little street called wilshire blvd where those boring stores called neiman marcus and saks fifth avenue are quietly situated.

what to do, what to do, when you get emails from the sales reps asking you to come in for a pre-sale.

OMG! I did go over-board and shopped the last 2 months but I had every bit of reason to do it (anniversary, birthday, mother’s day). Now that I no longer have a valid reason to shop .. and I am salivating over the beautiful shoes and bags that will go on sale on thursday (i already browsed on line and know which ones i want) I am so lost.

I want everything .. I already have about 4 pairs of shoes, 2 bags, and 1 wallet and that’s only from 1 store. I also didnt even bother to look at clothes yet. This is purely my wish list though.

No real purchase yet. I am slowwwlllyyyy getting torn. Don’t know which direction I should go.

Auuugghhhh! I want shoes!! Not 1, Not 2, but all of them!

rock and roll chick

29 May

ok .. so i guess this blog has completely gone a 180 degree turn.

When I am sad and depressed i have no desire to shop or do anything that used to give me joy but when I am happy I feel like I am joyful enough to make the most out of the moment then I just go out shopping.

Anyway, I always wanted the Hermes Collier De Chien (CDC) Bracelet. I have a few friends who use it and I absolutely love it on them. I’m not so sure how it will look on me though because it’s too big, chunky, and clunky! The leather also makes me feel like it’s a bit gothic or too rock n rollish for me. Never the less, I decided to pass by my favorite orange colored store and try one again yesterday.

Luckily, the one they had on stock was the rare alligator patent and it was just gorgeous!! I tried it, loved it, and just couldn’t part ways with it. I also think it looks ok if I wear it with tons of pink and put a big diamond bracelet next to it. It makes it me .. edgy, funky, and more like a chic rock and roll chick!

i love hermes